The Blended Learning Award (BLA) competition will reward the best blended-learning courses in each of the three universities (NOVA University Lisbon – NOVA, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid – UAM, Università degli Studi di Roma Tor Vergata – UNITOV), in different areas of knowledge, and the efforts of their faculty members to respond to the COVID-19 challenge of distance education.

Through this award, the consortium wants to increase the quality of Higher Education by promoting fast inter-institutional learning and collaboration. 


• to create awareness for the importance of keeping the focus on quality and excellence when creating blended learning courses

• to increase the number of faculty actively involved in the production of high quality blended learning courses

• to create opportunities for sharing best practices at international level, while receiving relevant feedback from peers


must be faculty members from the consortium (i.e. NOVA, UAM, UNITOV), institutionally recognised by their scientific and pedagogical competences.


courses must meet all of the following requirements:
a) full alignment with the specifications mentioned in Article 2 of the Regulation;
b) the courses must be offered entirely in English;
c) the courses must have been implemented by the corresponding partner institution at least in the academic year prior to the one in which the competition takes place;
d) the courses must have been attended by the minimum considered at each HEI for first cycle, second cycle and third cycle degree programme;
e) the courses must offer at least three (3) ECTS credits;
f) previous recipient courses of this BLA are not eligible for the competition


two editions of the BLA and the competition will be carried out separately in each of the partner HEI (NOVA, UAM, UNITOV).

competition will accept applications in 3 areas of knowledge: Health and Well-Being; Social Sciences and Humanities; and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).
Each area will receive one award per each edition

winner courses per edition in each partner HEI and in each area of knowledge will compete for the Grand International Award on Innovation in Blended Learning, to be held in a online event joining the awardees of all three universities.


1st Prize winning courses in each partner HEI will receive a prize amount of three thousand two hundred and fifty (3250) euros.

winner of the Grand Award will receive an additional prize amount of four thousand and five hundred (4500) euros.